Open Letter to Tom Wheeler, Chairman

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


Dear Chairman Wheeler,

My name is Victor Fields. I am a jazz vocalist, music entrepreneur and Independent Musician. I am petitioning you and the Federal Communications Commission to support Net Neutrality.

The Internet is my last chance for survival. Artists, like myself, were once the creative drivers of the music industry. We created music that music was rich and diverse. Because of us, there were many sounds and many voices. Some of us signed recording contracts. Others, like myself, chose to create our own brands and build our own business enterprises.

Today, that once vibrant "Main Street" is on life support. International entertainment conglomerates and LLC's, through their mergers and acquisitions, have swallowed up or bankrupted the independent network of performance venues, record labels, distributors, record stores, radio stations, concert promoters, lawyers, managers and agents. The independent musician’s only remaining life line and chance for survival is the Internet.

You know what IS unfair? I live and work outside of the metropolitan area. My Internet access is via satellite. People in my area pay more and get significantly less service than our neighbors just a few miles down the road.  They have cable access. Why don't the telecommunication companies invest in my area? Upgrade my service? I'd be delighted and that would certainly boost revenues. Instead they choose the corporate road MOST traveled these days. Take the easy route and just squeeze everything out of the existing turnip. Is this the new American way?

The decision to allow these telecommunication giants to discriminate even further with so-called "fast lanes" will have a devastating impact on thousands of musician entrepreneurs like myself and millions of music lovers world-wide. This is nothing but pure greed.

Regulation is not a bad thing. It is an exercise of your duty to the American public. How else can one curb a corporation’s voracious appetite for profit and market share? Without regulation, they will just keep going until they've consumed everything. And the music? Already on life support, the music will die.

Please do the right thing and ban the so-called "fast lanes".  Say yes to Net Neutrality.  Thank  You.

About the Author:

Victor Fields is a Writer, Singer, international Recording Artist and owner of Regina Records and Regina Records Radio. He currently resides in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area. 

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