I was sitting on my living room couch watching a documentary when it hit me like a bolt of lightning. BAM! I let it roll around in my head for a few minutes.  Suddenly all kinds of ideas started flowing. This was the moment I had been waiting for!

I grabbed a #2 pencil and a note pad and started scribbling down thoughts and ideas that I knew were guaranteed to evaporate in just a few minutes. I’m sure it’s happened to you. You’ve probably had a great idea that you didn’t commit to paper. You thought you could remember and write it down later. Then it was gone. POOF! Like a puff of smoke!

You see, I’m a Libra and, like all Librans, I’ve got this thing about balance. A lot of you are shaking your heads in agreement because you know that Librans roll like this. So I watched the documentary and it was amazing! But at the end, it felt incomplete, lacked balance. It was a snapshot and an excellent one at that. But, the rest of the story needed to be told. The Libra in me came strong and I felt so inspired I fervently wrote my notes down on paper and, later, organized them into a  “Let me know your thoughts?” email to my long-time Producer and Music Director, Chris Camozzi. 

I wasn’t sure how Chris was going to take this. We had been tossing music back and forth for several months now.  Nothing was getting me excited. I felt like I was just going through the motions. Now, I was proposing a complete change of direction. It would mean scrapping everything and starting all over again.  But I had become obsessed with an idea!  I could feel creative juices flowing! I was excited!

INTUITION n. The act or faculty of knowing and sensing without the use of rational processes.

Your rational mind is all about the “pros and cons”, the “do’s and don’ts”. It’s judgemental and critical. Before you know it, you’re talking yourself out of taking any action on your idea at all.  “It wasn’t such a good idea after all”,  you begin telling yourself. 

Fans and friends had been asking about a new CD for some time. I’d get the “So when’s the next CD coming out?” question to which I really had no answer. I had released 4 very good CD’s but, you have to understand, I am an Indie Artist. I don’t have investors  or a multi-national corporate record label with deep pockets.  It’s just me. I write the checks. Would it make sense to invest in and promote a CD in this economy? Did I really want to go through the grind of marketing and promoting again?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are times when rational thought is absolutely essential and then there are times when intuition should be allowed to take over.  Rational thought helps to shape intuition and give it form. But intuition is that Divine spark that gets you fired up! When intuition comes you have to kick rational thought to the curb for a while.

Releasing a CD is a huge commitment and the rewards are uncertain. Making a CD is a collaborative process. You have to build and finance a team of producers, arrangers, musicians, lawyers, graphic artists, publicists, promoters, manufacturers, engineers. etc. You have to rent recording studios and purchase equipment. It is an expensive and time-consuming process with a very dubious financial outcome. 

But, when intuition strikes, you have to send your rational mind on vacation and allow yourself time to play with your idea. So I played and began shaping my intuition with my art and my imagination. Feel me? Rational thought was not invited to this party!

You don’t have to be a musician or an artist. You don’t have to be a Libra! We all experience intuition in our lives. It’s just that most of the time we’re too busy with life to even notice. We become so busy and stressed that we seldom give ourselves “permission” to play.

When you experience and receive something intuitive, do you write it down on paper” Do you act on it? Do you let other people or your rational thoughts affect what you do with your intuition? Can you recall moments of intuition that you experienced at home or at work?  Are there intuitive moments that you’ve let slip by that maybe you could have given more attention to? Maybe it would help if we made time to pause for some thought and reflection. To become more “mindful” in our hectic daily lives.

What do you think?


2014-01-18 08:30:16 - Victor
It takes courage to comment on a topic and have it scrutinized or criticized by others. What I hope to encourage here is open mindedness and tolerance. If a comment doesn't meet those standards it won't be published on this website. So thank you for taking the time and mustering up the "chutzpah" to share your thoughts. They are greatly appreciated! Victor
2014-01-18 07:41:45 - Vee Barrett
Genuinely scripted, helpful and enlightening this post provokes and invites the reader to learn and reflect upon their own experiences. Rational verse Intuition who speaks of this in today's time? This blog is delightful and encouraging. Reading this blog was like eating a piece of pound cake but without the calories.
2014-01-17 17:41:33 - Shareef
2014-01-17 16:46:53 - Sheila
This is a fantastic and well written piece. It peeked all of my senses. My visualization of your mental vision and your delight were moving. You are a very creative writer and know how to set the stage, invite the reader into your world, and then make the critical thoughts come alive. Keep on keeping on. Well done!
2014-01-17 13:49:47 - Deva
As you know, I have strong "Gifts" in a variety of ways and Intuition is one of them that I also use on a daily professional level for others and personal level..when we take time on a regular bases to step back and reflect upon a "vibe" we felt about something or someone asking "questions" as we connect with this, it becomes easier each time in the future. Write down the "Hits" & "Miss" of each one soon you will see a pattern will then start using it in a productive way..
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