Hi! I'm the President and Founder of the Anti-Flagellation League or AFL. Self-flagellation is "the act of punishing and/or criticizing ourselves". It is an insidious habit. It is so subtle that we are often unaware that it's happening. But, over time, it will crush your self-esteem.

When we do something wrong or we have some reason to blame ourselves, we pull out that stick and whack! whack! Sound familiar?

Maybe not. You may be thinking to yourself as you are reading this, " I don't do this!". "This is not how I behave!" That's a good thing. That means your mind paused - ever so briefly - for self analysis. That's as far as we go. Here at AFL, we don't judge. Instead, we encourage YOU to do that. Judge yourself ... but compassionately.

So, here are a few exercises we at AFL recommend to get you started. Choose one or do them all! And make it fun. Leave the stick in the closet whenever you can. Okay? Here we go:

1). Smile and greet at least one person that you don't know each day

2). Whenever you find yourself criticizing others or yourself STOP immediately!!

3) Be your own best friend. Imagine what you would say to your best friend, or how you would treat your best friend. Then act accordingly.

Keep a journal. Record your thoughts and experiences. Easy right? So start right now. And anyone who is courageous or compassionate enough to leave a comment or an experience that resulted after reading this blog will get a free T-shirt.j

Enjoy the journey!


Victor Fields

President and Founder

"Building A Better World One Soul At A Time"




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